EBRD Compliance

Clarus consults and implements EBRD Performance Requirements (PR) compliant Human Resource management systems for Ukraine subcontractors for EBRD lenders.

PR 2: Labour and Working Conditions


The following EBRD PR 2 sections are relevant for non-employee workers:

  • Section 6: Working Relationships
  • Section 7: Working Conditions and Terms of Employment
  • Section 8: Child Labour
  • Section 9: Forced Labour
  • Section 10: Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
  • Section 11: Workers Organisations
  • Section 12: Wages, Benefits and Conditions of Work
  • Section 13: Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Section 14: EU OHS
  • Section 15: OHS Management System
  • Section 16: Accommodation
  • Section 18: Grievance Mechanism

The EBRD lender or its contractors are responsible for the compliance of subcontractor, their staff and non-employee workers like freelancers.