All our services are designed to help international companies to successfully enter the Ukrainian market and to develop their business in Ukraine and at home.

We listen to the needs of our clients and understood from the beginning of our company that recruitment of great people is often not enough and have moved from a pure recruiting agency to an market entry outsourcing partner.


Headhunting, Specialist Recruitment and Mass Recruiting of Ukrainian staff.

Work Abroad Recruitment

Recruitment and contractor sourcing from 46 countries

Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing of Ukrainian payroll accounting with own software solution and integration into SAP, Oracle, 1C and banking portals

Outstaffing / Staff Leasing

Clarus acts as employer of record for local Ukrainian and international staff incl. migration (umbrella service for expatriates)

Umbrella Service Expatriates

Temporary work and residence permit for foreign staff in Ukraine even without university education and for dangerous work license requirements. Fast, legal and transparent process

Business Support Office

Full market entry infrastructure and facility management solution incl. office lease, company cars, travel expenses, furniture, IT infrastructure and custom clearance of products.