Oil & Gas

Positive outlook of the oil & gas industry is overshadowed by labor shortages and salary cost pressures

Talent shortages is the number one industry challenge according to a study of Reinsvold & Associates. Traditional labor markets are suffering from retirement of key personnel, missing industry attractiveness for new entrants and increasing staff turnover. None of the asked executives expects cost savings due to reduced labor costs despite mounting cost saving pressures. In fact, we can expect significant salary cost increases due to increased labor shortages in the industry.

Alternative Sourcing of Engineers and Technicians in Russian speaking Countries

Clarus offers the sourcing of complete teams of engineers and technicians from Eastern Europe who follow the same international standards as their international colleagues but at lower salary expectations and higher work motivation.


Staffing of technicians and engineers from Eastern Europe


Staff and contractor mobilization when you need them where you need them


Offshore employment and local payrolling service

Team Augmentation

Recruitment and mobilization of complete Russian speaking teams with English speaking supervisors and HSE