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We encourage you to update your CV in English and submit it to Kiev's leading recruitment agency for foreign-owned companies in Ukraine. We have many excellent job vacancies for some of the best employers in the country. As the employers that we recruit for are all foreign-owned your CV must be in English.

For a long time, the recruitment market was in the favor of employees with a relatively large number of jobs and a limited supply of professional people with intermediate or advanced English language skills. The “crises” in Ukraine and Europe has changed this such that now there are fewer vacancies and many more people looking for a new position. Of course, the shortage of professional specialists in certain fields continues.

In today's job market it is even more important to write a CV which immediately catches the attention of the reader and provides all the critical information about yourself. Your CV is an important document which like a work of art can always be improved. It should start with a brief summary about you and your ambitions. It should then contain all the information outlined in the Clarus recommended CV format which you can find in the submit CV section of our website.

Another feature of today's job market is that more vacancies will be filled without them being advertised as recruitment companies search their databases for people as a first step in finding suitable candidates. Therefore even if there is not a suitable position for you today, to increase your chances of an interview for a new job in the future you should submit your CV. If the CV is submitted in the recommended format it will faster be included in the Clarus database and will show up in candidate searches.

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