Umbrella Service

Global employment and visa sponsoring for contractors and employees
  • EMPLOYERS: You like to employ foreign nationals but are concerned about the additional administrative burden to obtain a work permit and visa sponsoring?
  • CONTRACTORS: You would like to have the independence to work for multiple customers and to change customers without running through the time consuming and uncertain work permit application process again and again?
ClarusApex provides legal employment and visa sponsoring worldwide as an umbrella (contractors) and outstaffing (employees) service provider of trust. 

Umbrella Service

ClarusApex employs contractors but does not make decisions about workload, clients or anything else regarding day to day operations. We process payments by invoicing and collecting money from the client, calculating taxes and paying the net amount to the contractor. This PAYE (pay as you earn) system is employed by many companies worldwide and makes the employment of foreign nationals a lot easier.

umbrella company

As the permanent employees of the contractor ClarusApex are able in many cases to sponsor a local work permit for the contractor. The client simply purchases a service from ClarusApex and is not involved in the work permit sponsor and application process.

Immigration and Work Permits

Organizing work permits can be a difficult process. Local country rules are regularly changing to reflect labor market conditions and governmental policies. ClarusApex is cooperating therefore with a network of local umbrella companies and immigration lawyers to stay up to date and secure a legal compliant service delivery.

The benefits include:
  • full compliance with local immigration laws
  • freedom to work with any end clients without changes in the work permit
  • family visa for the entry of spouses and children (depending on local regulations and limitations)
  • local salary tax and social fund compliance
  • local dual tax and financial management consulting by specialized lawyers     

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Work Permit Service and Sponsorship - knowledge workers

ClarusApex provides international clients in Ukraine with umbrella services since 2006. Also, many individuals are outsourcing to us the complete work permit and temporary residence permit process.

The employment of foreign citizen in the Russian Federation is restricted to regional annual quotas. We can provide via our Russian partner network work permits and umbrella services depending on region and type of employment. An exemption applies here for the citizen of the Eurasian Economic Community (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia) and CIS member states where work permits are not required or are easier to obtain.

European Union - EU nationals
European citizen enjoys the freedom of movement and employment within the European Union member states. Visa sponsorship is not needed but the use of umbrella companies are still a good option for more flexible employment and service options.

European Union - Third-country nationals
ClarusApex provides an umbrella and a work permit sponsorship for knowledge workers under the European blue card regime. Minimum salaries, documents, and qualification requirements are different in each member state.

Other countries and regions
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