umbrella service

Immigration is one of the primary concerns for employers who want to hire foreign workers. Many employers find that sponsoring the work permit for a foreign none EU national is complicated, time consuming and legally challenging. In particular small and mid-size companies are therefore concerned to employ 3rd country nationals and are missing out in the global competition for talent against larger corporations.

Also employees are regularly concerned with the work permit sponsoring systems as it locks them to 1 employer and prevents them from career development options in their new home country.

In many European countries the use of umbrella or outstaffing service companies provide a convenient and effective solution to this issue.

What is an Umbrella Company?
ClarusApex directly or via our agency network employs worldwide contractors, but does not make any decision about the employees workload and day to day operations.

Instead we are processing payments from our client, calculate and pay social fees and income tax to the local authorities and transfer the net amount to the contractor.

umbrella service

How can ClarusApex get a local work permit?
ClarusApex directly or via our international agency network acts as the permanent employer of the contractor and can provide subject to local rules and limitations work permit sponsorship to obtain work and residence permits. This service makes contracting work much simpler and saves customers and contractors the hassle of continuous paperwork. Instead of changing your work permit every time you get a new contract, ClarusApex simply signs up a service agreement with your new customer instead. Multiple parallel contracts and projects are only possible under our umbrella business model.

Can ClarusApex assist you with local taxation and social insurance?

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