Talent Scouts
Our exclusive network of individuals and companies in 46 countries helping us to identify and verify the best local candidates.

Candidate Referrals

Make a real difference in people’s lives. Help your personal and professional network to find their dream jobs now! 

Since 2005 the international recruiting agency ClarusApex matches successfully great candidates with existing employers. With our candidate referral program, we are now reaching out to YOU with the offer to become part of our success.


As our registered referral partner, you are receiving the latest job offers from our international customers in Ukraine and abroad. You contact suitable candidates within your network and offer them to apply online on a specific landing page that we have created exclusively for your candidates within our recruiting database system.

We pay to you a referral fee for every successfully placed candidate who applied from your referral link.


You need to submit to us for our referral partner system with your CV and answer us some initial questions about your professional background and network. We are looking for interesting people with a wide social network from all kinds of industries, levels, and locations.

Our main selection criteria are your sincerity and understanding of your important role when you offer your network high-quality job and career opportunities.


Your earning potential depends on the position level and customer. Commissions are ranging between 20$ and 500$ per placed candidate. 


Terms and Conditions:

The ClarusApex Talent Scout Program is open to individuals who are at least 18 years old as well as to valid business entities.

You can apply for our ClarusApex talent scout program by sending your application information and English CV to the following link. The membership in our program is free of charge but we are very selective to find the right TALENT SCOUTS. We will call you if we feel that could fit our program.

Once you are excepted to our program we will send you a welcome package by email that includes:
  • You private application landing page URL that allows us to book new applications to your candidate portfolio.
  • Link, username and password to our protected website areas with advertising materials, instruction manuals and training videos.
  • List of current job openings with job descriptions and candidate search profiles 

  • We provide you with a set of advertising materials for each new vacancy that you can use for emails, social media messages, blogs and website announcement. You must use this messages and materials as they are. You are not allowed to alter the advertising messages and materials.
  • We encourage creative new ideas on how to improve our advertising and to increase our candidate reach. Please contact us with new proposals and ideas. 
  • Data punching not allowed, the job candidate has to register his/her CV by himself. You are not allowed to post on somebodies behalf!
  • We validate each candidate source based on IP address, valid mobile phone number, valid email address and valid residential address.
  • We discourage spam. If you do a mass mailing to people that you do not know we consider that spam and you are getting warned or even banned. You are however welcomed to email members of your website, social media network and direct contacts. Mass emails need to include an "opt-out" option.

  • Social media group postings could be considered as spam on a case by case basis. We ask for your sound judgment and responsible use of social media group messaging.

  • Spamming/cheating can lead to your suspension from the program. You are losing the right or commission after your suspension.
  • Our program can make you a lot of money. Be genuine, ethical and get paid well.
  • We pay you by PayPal on the 10th of every month for placed candidates (not for submitted applications)
  • You are responsible to open your PayPal account and to provide us with payment details. PAYPAL
  • 30 days time frame for approvals or rejection of every placed candidate
  • For example, we place one of your candidates in January, you will get paid in March.
  • Our application source tracking system is controlled by an independent 3rd party. In the case of multiple applications by the same candidate, the first application counts to define which talent scout to credit.
  • Any dispute shall be resolved mutually only.