Recruiting Integrity

ClarusApex is fighting against unethical recruiting and the exploitation of workers. 
Join our fight for ethical recruitment practices by doing the first step.

Ethical recruitment is good business for you. Agencies that are getting paid by candidates have a strong incentive to place not suitable candidates with you. Wrong hiring decisions cost you 500% of the salary costs of the weak candidate. We from ClarusApex are working only in the interest of the employer and are sorting weak candidates out through a multilevel selection process. On average we present less than 1% of all potential candidates to our customers.

Did you ever wonder about the number of not suitable candidates in your mass recruiting event? You are flying in and spend time and many to do the job of your agency. Our customers are surprised to see the quality of our candidates.

Due Diligence
We have to make sure that we know your company, employment conditions and job requirements before we can start recruiting for you. We will ask you to provide to us registration documents of your company, labor contract samples and advertising materials like presentations, videos, and pictures. Regularly we will also schedule a visit of our local representative to meet your at your company. We do this in the interest of our candidates who trust us and our judgement about their realistic employment and life opportunities with you.

Our due diligence process, however, adds also significantly to the quality of our candidate delivery as we can attract the more cautious but also stable candidates to your company. We are using intensively social media marketing and advertising to build up candidate awareness and trust into your job opportunity.

Candidate Reference Checks

After Sales Service

Candidates / Employees

Working in another country and culture can be a life changing positive experience if you chose your options carefully. There are many horror stories publicized by the media with examples how migration can go very wrong. Some unethical recruiting agencies and even "friends" promise you great opportunities with extremely high salaries for dream jobs and locations. You have to pay them a membership fee, placement commission or visa processing compensation and then you can be 97% sure to get the super job.

ClarusApex as a professional recruiting agency following IOM recruiting standards must disappoint and warn you. Like always in life you must expect also in the case of work abroad that if some offer sound to be too good to true it is not true. 

Salaries and employment conditions of normal jobs with good employers are following global market conditions. Extra skills are paid sometimes extra but not to an extend that you are getting rich. Here you can see your work abroad experience as an investment into your future as with 3 years work abroad experience you will have the chance to earn on average 30% more back in your home country.

Indicators of unethical and risky recruiting and employment offers
  • Any request to pay the recruiting agency is at least unethical and in some countries even illegal.
  • Missing work permit and employment visa before departure.
  • Unclear housing and living conditions,
  • Job advertisements and websites without real human beings behind the company.
  • Missing recruiting license or license on other than the agency name
  • Unrealistic salary and work condition promises. It is true that as a top specialists with perfect language skills you can earn very good money abroad. Career starters and students, on the other side, do not earn big money abroad.