IT Nearshoring

The best IT Candidates for the Customers

The Ukrainian IT talent market is the 4th largest in the world after the USA, India, and Russia. Every year 16.000 IT graduates enter the fast-growing IT nearshoring and development market.

Ukraine is 2-3 flight hours away from European capitals allowing a close cooperation and teamwork with your Ukrainian staff. Surely, India is still cheaper but you get what you are paying for. Ukraine with its high cultural similarity and common historical roots with Europe allows you a much better team integration.

  • Talent sourcing tailor-made to your needs and requirements
  • Technical and social capability assessment by specialized IT recruiter
  • Full support and management of work and residence permits
  • Active headhunting to match your specific project needs

  • Your own nearshoring team selected and controlled by you
  • Professional team management
  • Full office and IT infrastructure setup  

  • The Blue Card EU allows us to supply Ukrainians with university diploma a German work permit.
  • Minimum gross annual salary € 36.192 for IT specialists
  • Maximum period 4 years
  • Priority check and the inspection of working conditions are waived
  • Family members may accompany the Blue Card holder and will receive a residence permit
  • Family members can immediately work in Germany without restrictions
  • Permanent residency after 33 months possible; with German language skills at B1 level after 21 months
  • Blue Card EU holders may stay outside the EU for up to 12 months without losing the residence permit
  • Blue Card holders may move to another EU country after 18 months 
Clarus is controlling the complete Blue Card application process and supports the candidates with the preparation of the necessary documents and translations. 

You work in one of the Ukrainian outsourcing farms and are wondering how to develop your skills further? You want to work for smaller Western European companies in Ukraine or abroad where you and your knowledge can make a difference and you count as an individual?

We offer:
  • Top job opportunities with the best start-up companies in Western Europe either based in Ukraine or within the European Union.
  • Challenging projects with the latest technologies
  • International team environment where everybody is teacher and student at the same time
and like always with us:
the participation in our recruiting programs is free of charge. We are choosing you because we believe that you are the best for the job and that you will love to work for our customer.