Ethics & Compliance

Clarus Eastern Europe LLC is 100% mother company of APEX AV LLC

The Clarus company including the daughter companies are fully compliance towards Ukrainian labor code and licensed to Recruit in Ukraine and for companies abroad.

Government License | labor export                         Letter of recommendation of the mayor
Government License | labor export                  Letter of recommendation of mayor
ISO Certificate 9001                                                  ISO Certificate 14001
ISO Certificate 9001                 ISO Certificate 14001

  • We will present our individual and firm qualifications openly, clearly and without embellishment, to all those with whom we intend to do business. 
  • We will communicate with every client all recruiting blockages that bear any relevance to the work they intend to have us perform. 
  • We will accept only work that can be undertaken immediately or explain clearly when such new work can be moved into active fulfillment. 
  • We will set clear definitions of exactly how our off-limits policy applies to the client organization.
  • We will clearly designate which consultant will have primary responsibility for the conduct of the assignment. That person will be present at the meeting where the assignment is defined and commissioned and will attend every client meeting throughout the course of the assignment. 
  • We will undertake only assignments where, in our professional judgment, the recruitment can be concluded within the definitions and compensation range originally proposed by the client. 
  • We will undertake an assignment only after holding a personal meeting with the client and documenting in writing the engagement strategy and objectives for the client's review and modification.  
  • We will research the client organization and the specific situation thoroughly and communicate the facts of the client situation accurately to the candidates. 
  • We will conduct thorough and vigorous telephone research campaigns and will never misrepresent ourselves in devious ways to obtain information, nor will we misrepresent a client situation or betray any trust or confidence granted during the research process. 
  • We will recommend any qualified individual as an active candidate regardless of their gender, age, ethnic heritage, religious or racial background. 
  • We will disclose any business or personal relationship with a candidate prior to their presentation so the client can review the objectivity of the referral. 
  • In case of a recruitment or executive assignment, we will conduct thorough, face-to-face interviews with every candidate presented to a client in a carefully planned meeting where all relevant content and process variables known to be important to the client will be explored in detail. 
  • In case of a mass recruitment assignment, we will conduct thorough, Skype and phone call interviews with every candidate presented to a client, all relevant content and process variables known to be important to the client will be explored in detail. 
  • We will prepare a dossier for each candidate that outlines the stated achievements of the candidate; details his or her personal background; and assesses the candidacy by highlighting strengths and shortcomings. In no case will there be known overstatements or omissions, which might mislead the client in their subsequent employment decision. 
  • We will not allow a candidate to be presented if, in our professional view, that individual cannot be successful in the intended role. 
  • We will present a candidate to only one client for consideration and not refer that candidate's credentials to another client unless and until the first client removes the candidate from consideration. 
  • We will conduct thorough reference evaluations on every candidate who is to receive an offer of employment. They will be analyzed and presented to the client, focusing on all relevant aspects of the individual and his or her past performance as an indication of ability to succeed in the new role. All relevant data will be discussed with the client and if the data so suggests, a recommendation to withdraw the candidate from consideration will be made. 
  • We will resign from any account where we believe a breach of ethics has precipitated by the client in terms of their obligation
  • We will not charge any fee from the candidates
  • We will prepare the candidate for the interview with the customer
  • We assure we have all governmental licenses in place to execute our services 
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