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Careers for Nurses

Career development options for nurses abroad. Professional work environment, exiting new locations, educational sponsorship programs
Nurses are highly qualified health professionals in high demand everywhere in the world. In fact, there is a global nurse shortage crisis allowing nurses with the right qualification and language skills to work almost anywhere in the world. Most countries realized the skill shortage and have eased immigration laws to grant preferred immigration for qualified nurses.

Clarus offers here a unique program to guide, support and finance nurses to their next career step abroad. Every country has different qualification, language and certification requirement from foreign nurses.

Not every nursing school or university courses entitles nurses to work abroad. Even if all pre-requisites are met still many countries require either oral or online tests to verify the skill level of the candidates. Unfortunately, such tests or exams are conducted either in English or in the local language. The required language skills are at least on the level B2 advanced + additional medical specific vocabulary.


Option 1: You are fully licensed nurse with 4 years university degree, 2 years work experience and at least B2 language certificate
Congratulations!! You are candidate paradise and can now select your future home country and dream employer. Tell us what you are looking for and we arrange you a new job that pays on average 30% more than you are earning right now abroad or 300% more what you earn at home. We also arrange visa / work permit for your family for many countries. The best, if you are serious with your next career step our service are free of charge for you. All costs including recruitment, travel, visa and work permit are paid by your future employer.

Option 2: You are fully licensed nurse with 4 years university degree, 2 years work experience but you are missing language skills

Option 2: