Careers in Casinos

Multi-billion dollar industry

Each casino has its own regulations and laws that make each job opportunity different than the other. Despite this, casinos are a multi-billion dollar industry and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a good opportunity to find work that fits just about any schedule in a variety of skilled and unskilled positions. Those who have previous experience in a casino are most attractive, as proof of experience within the casino industry is key. Casino workers may face rigorous background checks and pre-employment screening because there is gambling involved. For those without experience its best to check with each individual casino for the types of jobs that are available.

When it comes to working in casinos, there is no hotter spot than the bright lights of sin city – Las Vegas, Nevada. The casino and gaming industry has made Las Vegas the world’s greatest gambling and entertainment hot spot. Other locations such as Reno, Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe are also known for some of the world’s biggest and most popular gambling establishments. And even though these are biggest and best of the best, casinos are as popular as ever in these big cities, small towns and remote locations around the world.

Because of this, it’s safe to say there are many different jobs and roles in a casino. There are the people casino clientele see, such as the blackjack dealer, the cocktail server and the security guard. There is the customer service rep, the teller and the bartender all working while others play the many games within a casino. Then there is the behind the scenes workers – the security and surveillance officers, the administrative staff managing all casino operations. There is human resources working on hiring, training and employment issues. There is a sales and marketing department promoting and trying to raise awareness of the casino. There could be thousands of people at a casino at one time, with hundreds of staff working at the same time. The work is fast-paced and can provide excitement and entertainment meeting and working with a wide variety of people. This is a customer service-oriented profession. People come to casinos for entertainment purposes and to take a chance at getting lucky at one of the many games in a casino. It’s the job of casino staff to make that experience even more enjoyable.

Types of Casino Jobs:
  1. Black Jack Dealer
  2. Bartender
  3. Cashier
  4. Casino Manager
  5. Cocktail Server
  6. Customer Service Rep
  7. Gaming Dealer
  8. Chef/Cook
  9. Gaming Manager
  10. Security Guard
  11. Shuttle Driver
  12. Slot Key Personnel
  13. Sports Book Writer
  14. Surveillance Officer
  15. Teller
The salaries vary greatly pending on position within a casino. According to the BLS gaming managers make an average of $73,420 as of the end of 2013. Gaming supervisors make about $48,300 and dealers make about $17,420. However, dealers often can make much more through tips. Slot key personnel make an average of $25,460 (but do also get tips). Those who seek entry-level employment with no experience in a casino can expect wages at or slightly above minimum wage.

Job seekers with a wide variety of education, training and skill sets are employed in casinos. Those who move into management and administrative roles likely will have a Bachelor’s Degree or Masters Degree in business, economics, sales, management or hospitality. A combination of education and industry experience is what employers look for when they search for those to fill leadership roles at casinos. For many other positions, a high school degree or GED may be all that is needed to find stable employment at a casino.