APEX VoIP Solution

System helps you to save money on phone calls
Up to 70% cost savings on international calls
Low maintenance costs
Full service solution including hosting and technical service
Free of charge test period

  • You have international customers and suppliers and want to safe up to 50% on your phone costs.
  • You want to offer your customers convenient and cheap local phone numbers WorldWide where they can reach you in Ukraine.
  • You want to get control over spam calls to your fixed lines and corporate mobile phones.
  • You are looking for a flexible corporate phone system that growths with your business but which does not require heavy investments into equipment and specialists.
  • You wish to upgrade your phone system into a fully functional call centre solution.
Our Phone System will cut your telecoms bill in half:
  • Employees can use our 3CXPhone on their mobile and slash your mobile or laptop when they are out of office.
  • Employees working from home/remotely will be able to make internal phone calls via the phone system and receive, and transfer calls free of charge, reducing your phone bill.
  • If you have international offices, savings become exponential. 
  • Calls between offices will be free of charge, reducing your monthly phone bills.
  • SIP trunk providers can offer lower call charges reducing your monthly phone bill.
  • Remove or reduce your fixed telephony lines.
  • The phone bill is just a small part of your total telecoms bill. 
  • APEX will save you money on constant PBX bills 
  • Adding extensions is easy and cheap: just plug in additional IP Phones or deploy 3CXPhone on your PC or Smartphone!
  • User licenses are not required anymore.
  • Moving or editing extensions is easy via the web-based interface and you do not need to call telecom specialist. You do not need expensive proprietary phone system consultants. 
  • IT administrators or your IT reseller can manage your PBX. 
  • If you need to expand your office – use existing computer wiring and remove the need for separate phone wiring. Advanced features such as connecting remote offices, IVR setup, and queue configuration are easily configured.
 ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL FEATURES The APEX VOIP Service Solution is not simply better and cheaper replacement of your existing phone system. It offers also a large number of additional features and benifits which you were probably only dreaming about.

Virtual company phone system:
You can connect different office and home locations into one unified corporate phone system.
Call Rules: You can freely define who can call you at what time. Our system allows you to define calling hours, maintain blacklists for spam calls or to establish call forwading rules.
Call Centre: You know that call centre functions like listing into sales calls, wisper calls or call interventions are imporant tools in a professional customer service and sales department. Our solutions offer these functionalities as add on options now or later.
Mobile phone integration / roaming: Some Ukrainian mobile phone providers allow us to integrate your business mobile phone number into our PBX phone system.