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Ukraine & Clarus

The Clarus team includes German, Dutch, English, Russian, Swedish and Ukrainian spoken professionals. Our extensive network in the Ukrainian and International business communities gives us in-depth knowledge of business developments in Ukraine and the different styles and methods employed by International and Ukrainian companies. We have excellent insights into the Ukrainian labor market and conditions.

Management Team

Mr. Stefan Lilienkamp, Managing Partner
Mr. Stefan Lilienkamp, Managing Partner

Stefan is a German citizen working since 2006 in Eastern Europe. Before he joined Clarus in 2011 he was holding corporate functions in the areas of finance, marketing, and service management for a fortune 500 company. Stefan is a specialist in complex outsourcing and outstaffing assignments and holds university degrees from US, British and German institutions.

Mr Joop Allers, Partner
Mr. Joop Allers, Partner

Joop is a Dutch citizen working in Ukraine since 2004 where he developed himself as an integrative part of the Kiev expatriate community. Joop holds a university degree in Marketing & Communications.

Ms. Marina Korytnyuk, HR Director
Ms. Marina Korytnyuk, HR Director
Marina is a Ukrainian citizen with extensive human resource management experience Ukraine and Russia. Before she joined Clarus she was working in several challenging HR functions for US, British and German-based companies in Ukraine and Russia. Marina holds university degrees in linguistics and economics. 

Our Values
  • Quality               We accept only assignments that we are competent to undertake
  • Ethics                We engage in all projects with dedication and discretion
  • Confidentiality     We consider all information and materials as strictly confidential
  • Compliance        We are 100% legal and tax compliant
Advantages of Work With Us
  • A partner that shares and understands your values, corporate policies and requirements.
  • A respected and well known recruiting agent who has access and trust from the Ukrainian labor market.
  • A fast and flexible supporter who enables you to start and grow your business instantly without risks and large upfront investments.
  • An experienced advisor in all Ukrainian human resource related fields and a strong supporter in full transparency and compliance.
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Offices in Europe

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