Clarus Eastern Europe is a Ukrainian company providing such services recruitment, human resource outsourcing, outstaffing and consulting services to its international clients in Ukraine and abroad.

Clarus was founded in 2005 as an independent organisation entirely owned and managed by its German and Dutch partners.

Clarus opened its office in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2006 and is now represented by a team of 18 full-time employees working with a wide array of clients in all major industry segments: Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Healthcare, Industry & Manufacturing, Agricultural, Oil & Gas, Real Estate & Development.

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Our offices:
      Clarus | Ukraine
      Recruitment | Outstaffing | Outsourcing | 
      Str. Voloska 36 | 04070 | Kyiv
      Ukraine |
      T:+38 044 377 76 80 |  +38 044 251 35 89
      E: email us |  W: 

     Clarus | Netherlands
      Recruitment | Outstaffing | Outsourcing | 
      Goltziusstraat 35 | 5911AT | Venlo | The        Netherlands |
      E: email us | 
      T: +31 773 69 05 00 |
.    Clarus | Austria
      Recruitment | Outstaffing | Payroll Outsourcing |
      Liebenauer Hauptstraße 2-6 | 8041 Graz | 
      Steiermark | Austria
      E: email us | 
      T: +43 720 11 56 61 |





for job seekers

  • Jobs around the world
  • International experience 
  • Career development
  • Decent salary
  • Safe and official work


    • SPEED: Our modern cloud-based multi-team recruiting process allows us the delivery of first suitable candidates within 1 week after order confirmation.
    • REACH: We are sourcing actively in 46 countries allowing to reach more than 1 billion potential candidates. We know where we find the best candidates and that is not around the corner.
    • QUALITY: 4 steps recruiting process incl. language and technical knowledge, test secure, high-quality candidate shortlists.
    • ETHICS: Recruitment is based on trust and reputation. We follow the ILO / IOM standards and treat our candidates with respect and professionalism.


    Clarus is serving customers in several countries what are 
    interested to employ specialist with a good level of English